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If you have any further questions regarding PAANC, please feel free to contact us via phone, mail,or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Official Mailing Address Only:
Philippine American Association of North Carolina Inc.
1309 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

For more information about PAANC,
contact Chairperson Maria Halliburton maria_halliburton@yahoo.com

Board Chair Maria Halliburton yourpaanc@gmail.com
Secretary Aurora Sprague mstar46@hotmail.com
Treasurer Susan Serna sandel1020@yahoo.com
Membership Sheryll Dela Cruz Dimanlig virlissa@gmail.com
Folk Arts Aurora Sprague mstar46@hotmail.com
Annual Picnic Brian & Jinky Carey, Co-Chairs


Annual Gala Tess Ferrer tessferrer89@yahoo.com
Publication Linda McGloin lmcg89@yahoo.com
International Festival Maria Halliburton maria_halliburton@yahoo.com
Humanitarian Emma Dempsey emakdemp@yahoo.com
CMM Emma Dempsey emakdemp@yahoo.com
Outreach Tess Ferrer tessferrer89@yahoo.com
Scholarship Ana Rivera anneriv2000@yahoo.com
Special Projects Ed Panganiban epanganib@yahoo.com
Special Projects Josie Spontak paravel135@aol.com
Special Projects Tim McGloin timlinmcg89@yahoo.com
NC Pinoy Choir Myra Odulio




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